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Our sensory-friendly sessions offer a unique VR experience in a more relaxed environment without overwhelming visuals or audio.

Hands Free | Sensory Friendly Mode | MassVR

Hands Free

Explore the VR world without worrying about hand-held controllers. Physically walk through the arena to move in-game, and throw snowballs at each other using your hands and arms. There are no weapons in this game mode.

No Timers | Sensory Friendly Mode | MassVR

No Timers

Sensory-friendly sessions are offered the second and fourth Sundays of the month, from 10am-11am.

Register online and play at your leisure. No timers, no competition, just VR freeplay for you and your group!

Calm Environment | Sensory Friendly Mode | MassVR

Calm Environment

During sensory-friendly sessions we turn off the music in-game and in the lobby, and dim the lights as much as we can (lights in the arenas must stay on for technical performance.)


Gear up with a backpack and headset and explore the VR world while throwing snowballs at each other in this fun new game mode!


Each player wears a headset and backpack. The headset is secured with a band that goes around the head without pressing the lenses too close to the face. The backpacks are worn just like a normal backpack and weigh approximately 12 pounds.

Group Size

Each session plays up to 8 people at a time, so if you come as a smaller group you may be exploring the VR world with other people.

We definitely recommend playing in the arena as pairs of two people or more. While staff will be nearby throughout the whole experience, it helps to have a friend to help players with special needs navigate the VR world.


Instead of our normal timed, competitive gameplay, sensory-friendly sessions are not timed and not scored. We may need to change the batteries in the backpack from time-to-time (which requires players to stop moving and takes only
a few seconds), but that is only if you are in game for 25 minutes or more at a time.

Private Lesson

Before going into the arena, our associates will teach your group how to move in the game. This information can also be found below so you can learn how to play before arrival!

Feel free to take breaks when needed, our associates will help you in and out of the arena. Regular sessions start at 11am, so by 11:05am we will resume normal operations with lights and music throughout the lobby.


We want to make sure you and your group have a great experience, so we ask that you make reservations through our booking website. This will allow us to make sure we can get everyone in game.

Sensory-friendly sessions are $10 per person.

If you have any questions, suggestions or would like to learn more about our sensory-friendly sessions feel free to call us at 872-225-2869, email, or stop by during our normal business hours.