MassVR: Indoor & Free-Roam Multiplayer Virtual Reality Arena & Center in Chicago, IL MassVR: Indoor & Free-Roam Multiplayer Virtual Reality Arena & Center in Chicago, IL
free roam warehouse scale virtuality reality arena



The only location-based virtual reality platform featuring player-versus-player gameplay.


Immerse yourself in victory. Feel the quake of nearby explosions. Move quickly to evade the enemy and lead your team to glory. This is first-person gaming experience you’ve been waiting for!

Built for large-scale, free-roam gaming, VR Champions™ lets up to 8 players engage in team-versus-team battle.  

The Objective: infiltrate the enemy’s base and destroy their power core while defending your own against incoming attacks. Experience the rush of zip-lining across rooftops, jet-packing to new heights, and teleporting into enemy territory while battle rages on around you.

Suit up and show the world you have what it takes to be the next VR Champion as your fans watch on Twitch and YouTube.

League and prize tournaments coming soon.


Welcome to the next generation of eSports, only available in Chicago.

Ages 12+   |   Players 4-8


Next Generation e-Sports

MassVR is building the first large-scale virtual reality gaming platform for competitive play


Upcoming Titles & Events


VR Champions™
Expert Mode: Unlocked

Experience the perks of being a VR Champion! Expert Sessions are now available for returning players. Five rounds of VR Champions, premium time slots, and more competitive gameplay. Check your email for the exclusive access code to these sessions and start practicing for prize tournaments, coming soon!

Next Expert Sessions:
May 12th, 8:15pm
May 12th, 9:00pm
May 13th, 4:30pm
May 13th, 5:15pm


Ages 12+   |   Players 4-8


New title, coming soon
August 2018

The clock is counting down to our next release! Filled with logic games and puzzle-solving, you will have to use your wits to navigate the next title in the MassVR library.


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Hardware Features


Operators worldwide can launch new & profitable entertainment venues

Turnkey Operator Package
MassVR offers proprietary technology, apparel and content.


Lease Financing Available

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The Sky's the Limit

With MassVR's proprietary gaming platform, you can experience gameplay of any genre. Whether you're exploring worlds real or imagined, competing against others or working as a team, the possibilities are endless.

This is the next generation of gaming.