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Hallow Realm | MassVR


Step into the supernatural and experience gameplay as both Ghosts and Ghost Hunters.

Hallow Realm | MassVR


Step into the supernatural and experience gameplay as both Ghosts and Ghost Hunters.

Hallow Realm | MassVR

West Hallow High has been abandoned and left to rot, inhabited only by the evil supernatural forces that led to the destruction of the city.
Your mission is to venture into the epicenter of destruction and free the city from the grasp of the dark spirits.

Number of Players

8 players per team

Time Limit

Each team plays one round as Ghosts and one round as Ghost Hunters, with a brief intermission between rounds.


Monday-Thursday $22 per person
Friday-Sunday $27 per person

All guests are required to wear face masks throughout their session at MassVR. Reservations are for private arenas, so groups will not be combined into the same playspace. Depending on reservation size groups may play against each other in separate arenas. Read more about our Health and Safety policies here.

Hallow Realm | MassVR


Decades of research have led to discovering that each particle of Realm Dust contains electroplasmic energy that can be extracted and used to subdue the Ghosts. Collect the dust. Deliver it to the Centrifuges, and try not to suffer the same fate as those before you.

Hallow Realm | MassVR HUNTERS

SKILLS  Hallow Realm | MassVR


Through the cracks in reality sifts Realm Dust, collecting in piles, waiting to be harvested. Collect the dust by touching it in the virtual world and return it to a Centrifuge. You will lose any Realm Dust you are holding if a Ghost tags you and takes you into the abyss, so work together and watch each other’s backs.


Clear the abandoned halls of the frightening spectres and restore order to this realm! When a Ghost is invisible, they will disrupt the electromagnetic field around them, and your flashlight will flicker. Use your Electro Plasma Disrupter to eliminate the Ghosts, but be wary: you have limited charges for your Disrupter. Pick up the additional charges scattered throughout the map, or be left vulnerable to the Ghosts’ ghastly grasp.

Hallow Realm | MassVR


The Hunters are harvesting energy from Realm Dust, which they will use to banish you from this realm. Resist their attempts by “tagging” them to pull them into the abyss. When visible, “tag” the human mortals by reaching out with both hands and touching them in the virtual world (they are playing in a different arena, so you won’t touch them in the physical world!)

When you are within the protective barrier of a Centrifuge, you will be visible to the Ghost Hunters whether you are standing still or not. Find and stop the mortals before they find you. 

Hallow Realm | MassVRGHOSTS

SKILLS Hallow Realm | MassVR


Hide in plain sight with the power of invisibility. When standing still, you will become invisible to the Ghost Hunters. As you move, your Visibility Meter will begin to fill, and the human mortals will be able to see you. Move strategically, cloaking yourself at the right moments to sneak through the hallways, only becoming visible long enough to tag the mortal humans.


Use your levitation ability to fly to the top of rafters, float through cracks in the ceiling, or to get the drop on human mortals as they walk beneath you. Hold your hand out and look at your palm to fly higher, or look at the back of your hand to hover at that height.